Thea: As if Year 2 is over already!

I can’t believe it’s the end of my second year already! It has gone so quickly but I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have been as involved as I could be as Course Representative and Student Ambassador, as well as securing my place as Chelmsford’s Environmental and Community Representative within the Students Union after this year’s elections. I have gone to as many events as possible including photo shoots for the university, BBQs, International events, Chelmsford’s Summer Ball and the Student Union Awards. I have also been incredibly focused on my course, securing me marks that I am over the moon with.

Year 2 of the BA Early Childhood Studies course was understandably more difficult than the first year, with more in-depth modules, different assignment types and more pressure put on students as we constantly compete to see who could get the most marks or the best topic or most positive feedback. With most of the grades counting this year, there seemed no room for failure.

This didn’t make my course less enjoyable, in fact I got more into it and love it more with every new module as there is so much more to learn and so much more I have clicked with and loved. This year my modules included ‘Safeguarding Children’ and ‘Childhood in Society’ which were very fascinating topics and inspired me to research more online and take some online courses to expand my knowledge.

With my rep roles I was able to start a Rucksack project on campus as well as develop many new ideas for this year such as incorporating the languages and cultures most commonly seen on campus into the university, do more with the Green team on the green areas on and around campus, connect the university more with the city of Chelmsford and help other officers with ensuring that the student experience is as amazing as it can be.

I struggled to make friends in my first year but getting involved in as many things as possible on campus, getting more involved in my course and joining a few societies (Yoga and Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness) has given me new interests and new social connections, meaning my friendship group has expanded considerably. So please don’t worry if you’ve gotten to the end of your first year and are still stuck in a rut, it really does pick up and your social life and student experience will thrive (as long as you work for it).

I’m two years into my degree, and have just submitted my proposal for my dissertation. The future is scary but I have absolutely loved my journey so far and look forward to my final year!

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