Jade C: My time at ARU

Although it sounds extremely cliché, I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. I wanted to be the teacher I never had; an amazing teacher. I didn’t enjoy school, I wasn’t as clever or confident as others and I didn’t think I would do very well in my GCSEs. I continued to try my best however and it turned out that I surprised myself.

After my high school education I changed my mind and decided I wanted to take A-levels at my sixth form instead of going to a college. In hindsight, I do regret this, I wish I had taken an apprenticeship. The reason for this is because an apprenticeship is more practical and I wasn’t very good at exams, as I found out with my A-levels.

I did make it to university. I was the first one in my family to go so I had no idea what it would be like. As a student I lived at home rather than in the halls. This was purely because I could not afford it and I was within travelling distance. Admittedly I missed out on the usual university student activities such as going out at night, but this isn’t the sort of person I am anyway. As I didn’t stay in the halls, I didn’t have true independence. I did have the responsibility of making sure I got on public transport on time though, which I think proves my independence just as much. I regret not being able to have joined in with the university sporting activities as I had to make sure I got the train home.

The best part of my course was being given the chance to work at a different setting each year. I feel that I got a lot more from the settings than I did taking in information from an interactive whiteboard. Having said this though, I still would not have sacrificed the lectures and seminars. They gave me the background knowledge, helped me to understand why things were being done in a certain way; they complemented the placements. It was even better that the placements were close to my home. It was hard in the first two years when I didn’t have a car but it all helped me to become who I am today. I wouldn’t change a single moment.

Having just completed my final year here, I have changed my mind again as to what I want to do. I personally found my experiences in nurseries were far better than they were in schools. I no longer want to be a teacher but neither do I want to work in a nursery. I’d like to work with children or find a completely new field. I know the right job is out there and I will keep searching until I find it.

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