Tim: Chelmsford nightlife

One of the biggest things that interest students about their new university is the standard of the local nightlife. Well, I’m happy to say that Chelmsford provides a fantastic nightlife experience, with a variety of swanky bars and clubs to cater for your late night antics! Some of the best and most popular clubs are Chicagos, Missoula, Evoke and MIYA, which are in located in the town centre and therefore just a small walk from the campus.

These clubs all provide the very latest club tunes and often offer special genre nights to cater for a variety of music tastes. My personal favourite would have to be Missoula, which always has a cracking atmosphere, great music and has a large upstairs floor too. Apart from clubs, there is also a wide range of pubs and wine bars if you are not into the full club scene, while many of the pubs such as The Golden Fleece often provide live music from local bands.
Friday and Saturday nights are great nights out in Chelmsford and will probably be the busiest, however, I would recommend that students go out on the designated ‘student night’, which is Wednesday. That way you can benefit from special offers such as cheap entry and cheap drink deals throughout the night, whereas during the weekend a night out can be costly. A Wednesday night in Chelmsford is really good fun as it is generally full of the younger crowd and you will probably see the majority of Anglia Ruskin out having a good time!

Another useful tip would be to start the night at the Students’ Union Bar on campus as you can again benefit from very cheap drinks, and it is an exclusive place for all Anglia students. And finally, if you are not a big drinker then there is no reason not to have a fantastic night out! Students may often feel pressurised to drink a lot of alcohol when out, but if you just prefer a few cokes then you will still have a great time and you will wake up the next day without the dreaded hangover and your pockets fuller than your mates’.

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