Miranda: Biology lessons and vomit-inducing omelettes

Hello again, avid readers of the blog weekly (or if I forget, fortnightly).

Recently I’ve been pondering the wonders of the world – as inspired by my biology lessons – and discovered the existence of the fairy wasp, apparently the smallest multicellular organism on the planet (about the same size as the largest amoeba). Apparently there are hundreds of fairy wasps flying around you all the time but they’re too small to see. Imagine being a fairy wasp – it’d be like in Japanese games where the bad guys are slimes (amoebas) and the mountains move (people). I wonder if they can see bacteria? That’d be interesting – a very different world, in fact one we don’t even see. *ponders aimlessly the existence of the fairy wasp*

I find myself fascinated by micro-organisms. I once looked at blood under a microscope and was amazed – even a light microscope (not one with amazing zoomability) can show individual blood cells and their shape. I put one drop of blood under a microscope and there were literally millions of individual blood cells on the slide (highly recommended, but be safe about obtaining the blood).

Apparently seaweed isn’t a plant; it’s actually archaea – which is still eukaryotic and photosynthetic, but not a plant. Before I forget, dear readers, I must creep you out once and for all by informing you of eyelash wormies (I found them on google). They’re tiny worms that live in your eyelashes, breed and lay eggs in skin pores on your face. Luckily though, they don’t poo, they only die on your face. After eating lots of dry skin and debris. I bet you feel attractive now…

Houses next. I need to find accommodation for next year (in halls at the mo). It’s so dull, and nerve wracking as well as stressful, so I think I’ll avoid talking about that now.

Photo of an omelette

Friend (the one that liked reggae-reggae sauce) has now moved on to pasta, broccoli and some lemon sauce because he’s decided to be vegan. I suspect it won’t last long though, because his phases tend to last, at most, half a year. These included being vegetarian and wanting to be a Marine. Ah yes, his latest cooking disaster was an attempt to make an omelette. He used tinned tomatoes and lots of eggs. The result was appalling. (See photo: I feel ill – he ate that!)

*Recomposes self* Recently I’ve entered The Big Pitch (after being a winner of the Little Pitch) because, well, why not? It’s a competition designed for Anglia Ruskin students to put ideas forward for a chance to win lots of money to start a company. I think it’s a great idea, because there’s nothing to lose from entering, but if you win, awesome. *Sigh!* My video for entry was shamefully bad, but I hope the idea’s good enough.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day full of mushy pink hearts and oversized cards – I certainly did. Everyone has to love a mushy pink heart once in a while, eh? I received a lovely heart-shaped smelly thing from Lush (my favourite shop ever!), so I was very happy. My boyfriend outdid himself by cooking a lovely dinner, too.

If anyone is feeling repulsed by this, however – worry no further! For our uni project, our data is on cockroaches – yes, ick you may think – but in fact, when you research them, they’re actually amazingly resilient to any environmental change and thought to be the only species that would survive a nuclear attack. Interesting, hey? They’re more cute and cuddly than people like to express.

So for now I shall say farewell: hope you enjoyed reading and I hope to share more of my student diary next week!

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