Aleksandra: New Year’s resolutions

It’s such a nice feeling of relief when all the deadlines and exams are over and you don’t have to do anything for another three weeks. I’ve already done doing nothing and slept until the afternoon for over a week now (and I’m really good at it!), but maybe now it’s time to do something actively relaxing and slightly more exciting. So, I’m planning to catch up on some reading (don’t worry, nothing study-related), meet my friends (if they haven’t forgotten me yet), and I’m going to Poland for ten days! If the weather’s good, I’ll go ice skating. Then I’ll come back and prepare myself for the new semester! How exciting. I can’t believe I’m half way through my Masters. Just a few more months and I’ll get another degree. Yay!

For all those still doing their bachelors degree who have more than one semester to go: don’t give up, even if it’s daunting, you will make it! I believe in all of you!

Fireworks from New Year's Eve

Fireworks from New Year’s eve

Here are some New Year’s resolutions I made:

  • be even more positive
  • plan a new training regime (get rid of the fat on my stomach)
  • do! do! and once again do! Things won’t do themselves
  • keep busy, the more you set yourself to do, the more that gets done
  • set a timetable of things to do for each day
  • be more organised at uni, start work even earlier
  • find a way to stop eating chocolate (v. difficult)
  • visualise my goals regularly! Wire my unconscious into helping me achieve what I want!

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