Harriet: Prezi Prezi Prezi Prezi Prezi Prezi

Worried about making a presentation? Not quite sure how to format everything? Or do you just think PowerPoints are soooo last year?

Prezi is a new and improved presentational device, making presenting easier and more interactive, taking your audience on a journey with you. Have a look at one I presented last week.

I CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE MORE and MORE and MORE and MORE. I find myself making Prezis even if I’m not going to present them… just for fun, all relevant to my course.

Unfortunately you must be connected to the internet for all the features to work, and all the features and details take a little getting used to; but it is possible to embed YouTube videos, images and even your PowerPoint slides into Prezi.

It’s also useful for putting system diagrams onto the computer to be shared, as I created this one about the finance market in the UK. I need to rename it, Advisers it not the best title.

Your Prezis are all public and can be viewed by everyone, as well as shared on Twitter and Facebook, once you have completed them.

I can’t speak more highly of this fantastic presentation tool.

THANKYOU PREZI you’ve enhanced my LOVE for presenting just that little bit more…

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